Traveling around the Mexican Caribbean during a pandemic

If you are arriving at Cancun Airport, you might be on vacation time or maybe you are traveling to work. Whatever your plan trip is you are worried about Covid-19. In this post, we’ll tell you what it’s like Traveling around … Continued

Flights to Cancun in November and December

Flights to Cancun in November and December – During the pandemic lockdown, Cancun Airport was receiving only a few international flights. Now that Mexico is open to tourism, and the economic reactivation is getting better some airlines have decided to … Continued

Mexican tourist destinations able to visit

Mexico has incredible biodiversity around the country. That is why is the favorite place for travelers to sightseeing. Beaches, Forest, Lakes, lagoons, and even deserts are some of Mexico’s ecosystems. Today we will show you 3 Mexican tourist destinations able … Continued