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Flights to Cancun

Cancun International Airport is available for arrivals from all over the world. The most common flights to Cancun are the next :



  • From Europe:
    • Paris to Cancun
    • Madrid to Cancun
    • London to Cancun
    • And more...

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History and statistics

One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Caribbean and the entire world is now Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Cancun has drawn both domestic and foreign tourists' interest since its founding in 1974. Later, additional adjacent cities like Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum grew as a result of the steady stream of tourists to this beach resort. All of these locations have a distinct flair and allure for tourists as of this writing.

Airlines from all over the world have opened fly routes to Cancun due to the rapid growth in tourist demand for Cancun and all of the adjacent sites.

Here are some fascinating Cancun statistics and historical information:


  • Cancun received 1,013 flights in 1975, barely one year after it had opened.
  • The number of flights to Cancun nearly tripled to 3,245 in just one year, in 1976. This also resulted in 180,000 visitors throughout the year.
  • By the end of 1977, the increase in flight activity in the area had reached 4,820. In that year, 265,000 people traveled to the shore of Quintana Roo.
  • An average of 10,000 planes were landing at Cancun's airport in 1984, ten years after it had opened. Cancun was then well-known (indeed, famous) throughout the world as a desirable tourist destination. Most notably from the United States of America, foreign visitors made up about 70% of all visitors to the Mexican Caribbean.
  • A few years later, at the start of the 1990s decade, 18,445 flights to Cancun per year set a new record. The number of flights to this location increased 18 times in just fifteen years.
  • In 1997, with the 2000s just around the corner, Cancun saw a monthly average of 3,000 flights. The airport had received 33,658 flights by the end of this year.
  • Only international aircraft accounted for almost 4,000 of Cancun's monthly flight traffic in 2019. We could add 2,500 more flights from domestic traffic to this number.