Cancun removes the mandatory use of masks outdoors

Planning a trip to Cancun soon? You may no longer need to pack as many face masks as you imagined, seeing that the state of Quintana Roo, to which the popular resort haven belongs, has officially dropped its mandatory outdoor … Continued

Mexican tourist destinations able to visit

Mexico has incredible biodiversity around the country. That is why is the favorite place for travelers to sightseeing. Beaches, Forest, Lakes, lagoons, and even deserts are some of Mexico’s ecosystems. Today we will show you 3 Mexican tourist destinations able … Continued

How to go through Cancun Airport during COVID-19

Since the pandemic begins, countries literally stop due to this virus. It looked like a real movie, but now activities are slowly recovering and tourists are daring to travel. Besides, airlines are also back in skies and with Mexico’s reopening … Continued