Cancun International Airport (You can see our version in Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún)

Every Airport in the world has an IATA code and the one for the Cancun International Airport is CUN. (IATA stands for International Air Transport Association). And a less (commercially) used code is the one from ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization: MMUN

The Cancun International Airport is located in Cancun, Quintana Roo, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. It is Mexico’s second busiest airport, after Mexico City International Airport, but Mexico’s biggest for international passengers. In 2016, Cancun airport handled 21,415,795 passengers, a 9.28% increase compared to 2015.

The airport has three commercial terminals. Terminal 1 is used by some low-cost and charter domestic airlines; Terminal 2 is used by all of the scheduled domestic airlines and some international flights; and the new Terminal 3 (2007) handles primarily international operations of airlines from North America and Europe. It has two parallel operative runways that can be used simultaneously. The Cancun Airport was officially opened in 1974. The airport is operated by Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR). Cancun is a focus city for Aeromexico, Interjet, VivaAerobus and Volaris, and currently offers flights to 21 destinations in Mexico and to over 30 countries in North, Central, South America and Europe.

The Cancun International Airport has been expanding as it has become the busiest point of entry by air to the country. In 2005, ASUR invested US$150 million for the construction of Terminal 3, inaugurated in 2007, and a new runway and a new control tower opened in October 2009. The new 2,800 meters long, 45 meters wide runway was built to the north of the current one; the new control tower is the tallest in Latin America standing at 97 meters tall.

Terminal 2 was recently expanded in 2014. A 76,000 m2 expansion in Terminal 3 was simultaneously carried out, adding six gates and commercial areas, and it was formally opened in March 2016. The expansion should contribute to increase annual capacity to 10 million from the existing 6 million. ASUR is currently building the new Terminal 4, scheduled to be ready by 2017.

There is also a terminal called FBO (Fixed Base Operations) where all the private arrival and departure flights are handled.

Cancun Airport Map

Terminal 1 Cancun International Airport

Terminal 1 has 7 gates: 1-7A. After suffering damage by Hurricane Wilma, it was temporarily closed for remodeling in order to accommodate charter airlines operating into the airport. It re-opened in November 2013 to charter flights; it also serves two local airlines, Magnicharters and VivaAerobus. Terminal 1 offers basic services to passengers. More info: Terminal 1 Cancun Airport.

Cancun International Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 2 Cancun International Airport

Terminal 2 has 22 gates: A1-A11 (in a satellite building) and B12-B22 (at the main building). Most domestic airlines depart from here, along with all international flights to Central and South America and a few long-haul flights to Europe. There is a bank and food outlets in the check-in area, along with several restaurants and shops in the boarding area and immigration/customs services. More info: Terminal 2 Cancun Airport.

Cancun International Airport Terminal 2

Terminal 3 Cancun International Airport

Terminal 3 has 21 gates: C4-C24. It has been recently expanded. All US and Canadian airlines and most of the European carriers use this terminal. It offers shops (including duty free), cafes and restaurants, as well as immigration/customs services. This is probably the most equipped terminal and the one with the most International traffic. More info: Terminal 3 Cancun Airport.

Cancun International Airport Terminal 3

Terminal 4 Cancun International Airport

Terminal 4 is under construction. Planned to be opened in late 2017 or 2018. An on site hotel is also planned to be opened around the same time frame as well as a parking structure. Cancun International Airport will be the first airport in Mexico to have four terminals, and this is something it really needs since the traffic is getting bigger every year and the hotel offer in Cancun and the Riviera Maya is getting bigger too. More info: Terminal 4 Cancun Airport.

Terminal 4 is now open as of November 2017, there are still some details to be done but is now working. Visit it’s page for more information.

FBO Cancun International Airport

The FBO is the terminal that handles all the private flights arriving and departing the Cancun Airport and its located

The range of services we offer includes: ground handling services, fuel coordination, ground transportation, car rental and gourmet catering, among other specialist services for passengers and crews.

A team dedicated specifically to our FBOs is entrusted with providing first-rate services and enforcing strict security regulations, to protect our clients. More info: FBO Cancun Airport.

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