Cancun Hotels will offer PCR tests

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Cancun Hotels will offer PCR tests  – USA citizens and Canadians are the main visitors to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. We all know how the tourism industry is operating these days, which was the most affected by the Coronavirus disease. Tourism is slowly recovering, and that is why many countries had to implement different sanitary measures.

Recently, Canada announced that citizens who have traveled need to present a negative test for Covid-19 in order to return to their country. Tests must be performed using a COVID-19 molecular test, such as a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) test. The test must be taken within 72 hours of the traveler’s scheduled departure to Canada. Other types of tests, such as antigen tests, will not be accepted.

In this way, Cancun Hotels are preparing for Canadian requirements Quintana Roo’s government is ready in case President Biden also implement these restrictions on USA citizens and tourists who want to visit the country.

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PCR Tests in Cancun Hotels

Due to this situation, some hotels in Cancun had to take action. Hotels are negotiating with laboratories to lower costs and establish contact centers at the airport or some hotels in Cancun to facilitate testing for tourists. Until now, PCR tests are only performed by the private sector, costing approximately 100 USD.

Cancun Hotels will offer PCR tests

In the Cancun Hotel Zone, there are already three points that could be used for mass sampling: the Coral Beach Hotel, Plaza Flamingos, and the Mayan Museum.

Some travel agencies already offer the Covid-19 testing service through some laboratories. This is the case of Lomas Travel, which has partnered with Laclicsa Laboratorios to facilitate the return of tourists “healthy to their homes after enjoying a vacation in a safe destination”, reports La Jornada Maya.

Likewise, the Amerimed laboratory, located in the Riviera Maya, offers tourists the option of going to the facilities by appointment or taking the sample at the hotel, for which the establishment assigns them space with all the required sanitary measures, while Hospiten, will also do the same.


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23 Responses

  1. Craig A Hanning

    Please update once there are more specifics. If not easily available in hotel zone many of us will cancel February trip

      • Carla S.

        Yes, please update hotels and specifics ASAP. Don’t want to spend our planned vacation trip to Cancun worrying over being tested and getting timely results for departure flights. Regards.

  2. Pat

    Hi, Is The Pyramid Grand Oasis Hotel Resort offering PCR tests

  3. ABerg

    The US is now requiring COVID 19 tests prior to returning starting January 26. What will be available if we are not staying at a hotel? Those of us that are not familiar with the area and do not have transportation will not be able to easily get the test if it is not available at the airport. It should be available at the airport upon check in.

  4. LuvCo

    Like others, we have a trip planned for mid February and unless the Covid-19 issues are quickly addressed, i.e. where, when, costs, we will be forced to cancel our trip

  5. Sue Riebe

    We are staying at villa del palmar. Hopefully COVID rapid tests will be available there? And if not hopefully rapid COVID tests will be available at the Cancun airport. Plz keep us all informed as we are on the verge of canceling our February trips into Cancun. It’d be great if the resorts and the airport would update their online information about rapid covid tests before departure.

  6. Liliana

    What is the cost of rapid testing in Cancun is US dollars?

    • Donna

      I really hope the airport or resort will have the testing I need to enter the US. I will be staying at Occidental Xcaret in mid February for 7 days and if it’s difficult to get tested I will have to cancel my trip.

    • Danette

      We are to arrive in 2 weeks to stay in Cancun. Is it okay for leisure traveling? Which test is required to fly back to the United States? Hoping it will be a simple process for the testing. If done at the airport or hotel can this be done same day as flight leaves? Really sad to think we may need to cancel.

    • Diana

      We have been in communication with our Air B&B host and he said the going prices right now are being advertised by a clinic near the home we are renting and they are charging $150 US dollars per test.

  7. Diana

    What is the cost of rapid testing in outside clinics in Cancun in US dollars? Also if rapid testing is opened for US travelers in the airport what will be the cost?
    Thank you

  8. Carla S.

    Can you please provide labs that will come to the GR Caribe by Solaris Resort and perform Covid PCR test for guests at the resort?

  9. Tara Torres

    Hi we land Thursday are there any buses that can take us to tulum that’s where we are staying at

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