Tips for shopping at the Cancun Duty Free

After a great vacation, are you still not sure what to get as a souvenir? Maybe it was the rush of the adventure while you were discovering cenotes or archeological sites that made you forget to get a souvenir! Lucky you, Cancun Duty Free has got you covered. Get ready, because shopping hasn’t stop! From fashion and crafts to Tequila, Cancun Duty Free is here to give you the shopping experience you were missing right at the Cancun International Airport. 

Many wander around the many options there are at the Duty Free at the Cancun Airport. Between local art pieces, food, chocolates, coffee and liquor, it’s hard not to get a little something else to bring home with you. You can easily plan to buy all your souvenirs at the Airport, and here are some Tips for shopping at the Cancun Duty Free for you to consider if you do find yourself tempted to take a little something from your vacations…

Victoria Secret Store-Cancun Duty Free
Victoria Secret Store-Cancun Duty Free

1. You can buy alcohol at the Duty Free!

Sure you can! And you may wonder, how much alcohol can I bring? Well my fellow traveler, it depends on the laws where you intend to arrive with the alcohol. In some countries you must ask for a permit where you give all the information about the type of alcohol and how many liters you are traveling with. You need to know that most jurisdictions allow a certain volume of spirits to be “duty free”. Any volume “declared” above the duty free amount will have duty attached to it, which you must pay. Same with tobacco products. So bringing a bottle of tequila home as a gift for a friend or relative is actually possible! And I may say, a great idea to keep the party going at home!

2. Souvenirs are cheaper that at your hotel

Yes, if you are staying at the Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen in an all inclusive and you are not planning on stepping out of your hotel, chances are that the liquor and other souvenirs sold at your hotel will be more expensive than in the Duty Free. However, buying crafts and artesanias outside your hotel like at the market or on the street, may be cheaper than either the Duty Free or the Hotel. Still, the Duty Free offers a variety of artesanias, handpicked for you to take home. Imagine you forgot to get your mother a souvenir! Don’t you worry, the Cancun Airport has something for you to find while you wait for your flight.

3. Chocolates, coffee and hot sauce…

So more Tips for shopping at the Cancun Duty Free… I bet you’re going to miss the delicious smell of Mexican coffee, hot cocoa and especially the spiciness in every food! These food souvenirs are also available for you at the Duty Free shop. Again, this works great as gifts or even for your own! Imagine being home already and missing a drink or some of the spice Mexico gave you, you don’t have to miss it if you take some of Mexico’s famous flavors with you!

4. Did anyone say “pre-order”?

Did you know Cancun Duty Free has an online page? Well it does, and you can take a look at what is offered and even place an order that you can pick up when you get to the airport. Cancun Duty Free has made shopping at the Airport so easy, they just need your flight information and you can even pay as you pick up your order. Even if you change your mind, they allow you to add or remove any items as you check out at the store. So don’t worry about running late or missing out on the goodies that Duty Free Shop offers, just visit their website and get a good look at your options. Plus, you can get sweet deals by ordering online. Go check it out here.

5. How to pay

All standar payment methods are allowed, but beware, prices may differ once you get to the store. This is due to changes in their partner’s policies. Still, you won’t have to worry about getting charged with more taxes. No extra fees are charged to online prices, so you must be good to go. 

Here’s a list of Cancun Airport’s Duty Free Shops that you can find:


Les Boutiques Luxury Accessories Main Level
Aldeasa Duty Free Wine, Liquor, Tobacco, Cosmetics Main + Upper Level


Aldeasa Duty Free Wine, Liquor, Tobacco, Cosmetics Main + Upper Level

Cancun Airport offers you more information about Duty Free and Shopping at the Cancun Airport. Don’t forget to book your transportation with Cancun Airport Transportation.

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