Cancun Airport Restaurants

Cancun International Airport offers high quality on its facilities including great restaurants on each terminal. At Cancun Airport you’ll be able to enjoy different types of food such as Fast Food, Mexican Food, Sushi, and Grocery stores but also it has bars to enjoy tasty drinks. Each terminal has different restaurants, so, in this post, we’ll tell you the main restaurants at Cancun Airport.

The best Restaurants in Cancun Airport

Margarita Ville

Located in almost all the terminals, Margarita Ville is a popular Bar-Restaurant in Cancun Airport. They offer great dishes such as Burgers, Club sandwiches, Salads, beef, even Seafood, and delicious desserts. And don’t forget to taste an original Margarita from this place or your favorite cocktail. The best thing about Margarita Ville is that you can wait for your Cancun Airport Transportation while you drink a delicious beer or any other drink since it has an outside bar at terminal 3.

cancun airport restaurants margarita ville

Buba Gump Cancun Airport

The iconic Forrest Gump Restaurant is located in Cancun International Airport, try the specialty of the house, Shrimps in every shape as in the movie.  Besides its delicious food, the restaurant has sports-bar vibes with big screens showing football games and other sports making a great atmosphere for the customers.  Don’t forget to get a cold beer accompanied by french fries and some delicious seafood.

bubba gump cancun airport

Guacamole Grill 

As soon as you arrive at Mexican territory you must try tacos, find in Guacamole Grill delicious Mexican specialties and also general means such as sandwiches, salads, classic breakfast, burgers, and more. This restaurant is perfect for every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At Guacamole Grill you’ll have a nice time while you wait for your flight or if you are hungry after your arrival.

guacamole grill cancun airport

Johnny Rockets

The burger paradise, you might already know this restaurant, this famous Burger Places is located in Cancun Airport, Lucky You! Find a wide variety of burgers with different shapes and flavors and delicious milkshakes at the restaurant. Don’t forget to order the famous and crunchy french fries at this place, awesome nuggets, many kinds of sodas, even desserts.

johnny rockets cancun airport

Berry Hill Cancun Airport

The restaurant is located outside Terminal 3 in Cancun Airport, with a beautiful terrace, Berry Hill offers a wide variety of dishes from Mexican food such as Tacos, Enchiladas, and quesadillas to typical fast food as Burgers, french fries. You can also find elaborated meals and sophisticated drinks to enjoy. With a great atmosphere, Berry Hill is a good option to try at Cancun Airport.

berry hill cancun airport

Starbucks Cancun Airport

You can’t miss coffee before an early flight, Starbucks is located at each terminal at Cancun Airport. Not much to say, everybody knows Starbucks!

starbucks cancun airport

TGI Fridays

From Pasta, Seafood, Burgers, and more TGI Fridays delight all its customers at the Airport. The place is a Sport-bar restaurant with an amazing atmosphere, don’t miss the wings, french fries, and cold beers. TGI Fridays specialty is the meat courts too, enjoy a Rib Eye, New Yorks Arrachera, and more delicious dishes.

tgi fridays cancun airport

Sushi Tequila

We all love sushi, if you want to have some Japanese food this is the place. Maki rolls, poke bowls, special rice, and many more Japanese specialties are on the Sushi Tequila Menu. This restaurant is located at terminal 4 in Cancun Airport. Don’t forget to try delicious soup and ramen, salads, typical drinks, and tasty desserts.

sushi tequila cancun airport

As you can see there are good options for Restaurants at Cancun Airport, we wish you a tasty meal!



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