Cancun Airport reports less than 400 operations

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For this Wednesday it is expected the arrival of 81 national and 98 international flights at the Cancun Airport. Due to the low season in the destination, Cancun Airport reports less than 400 operations.

There will be a total of 357, with 178 departures, among them 78 will be national, and 100 more to abroad. And 179 operations will be arrivals.

The international destinations with operations scheduled for today are Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Bogota, Boston, Calgary, Cali, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Hartford, Houston, Havana, Lima, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Medellin, Miami, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Orlando, Panama, Phoenix, Raleigh, Sacramento, Salt Lake, San Francisco, San José, Tampa, Toronto, and Washington.

For the past few months, Cancun International Airport had been receiving a great number of flights. In fact, the figures exceeded the pre-pandemic numbers during the summer months which were the busiest in the season. These operations contributed to the economic resumption of the destination. Now, that the summer vacation has ended, the low season is currently in the Mexican Caribbean. It is normal to see these kinds of situations every year, it is common for everyone, and that is why the Cancun Airport will still getting fewer flights for me next couple of months.

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