Cancun Airport is ready for the new normality

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After a few months in quarantine, Mexico will begin its economic activities again on June 1st. In spite of the return will be gradual, Cancun Airport is ready for the new normality. During these uncertain times, the airport has been working on improving its health protocols, by training their staff.

Cancun Airport is ready for the new normality

Among the new actions against Covid-19, the airport has implemented new sanitation protocols at its terminals. As part of a health emergency response plan, the aerodrome has increased cleanliness in all areas. The new protocols involve modifying the process to sanitize transport units with constant. This work will carry out in-depth every night.

The staff will have personal protective equipment such as mouth covers, masks, gloves, personal antibacterial gel, among others. Also protectors will be installed in documentation modules. Likewise, temperature checkpoints will be at the arrivals and departures of flights to identify risk factors in those who travel.

The airport will have antibacterial gel dispenser stations in public areas, offices, and access for operating personnel, as well as the permanent dissemination of health and hygiene measures among those who make use of airport facilities.

Cancun Airport is one of the most affected companies in Cancun. The arrives has decreased by 99% due to the Covid-19 although Mexico kept open its borders during the pandemic. And now Cancun Airport is ready for the new normality, the aim is to keep safe all the passengers and personnel.

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