10 Traveling Tips for the holidays

Are you traveling during the following holidays? This can be one of the busiest times of the year, and we don’t want you stressing over anything. Here are 10 Traveling Tips for the holidays that will ease the trip and allow you to enjoy your vacation time to the fullest. This Christmas, you’ll only have to worry about not worrying.

1. Consider your time between connection flights

When you book your trip, in case you have a connecting flight, make sure you give yourself at least 2 hours in between flights. This is to give you the time you need to change flights, considering delays, changes of schedules, timezone differences, and other situations that may affect your timing. 

2. Perks of being an early bird

If you’re a natural early bird you shouldn’t have a problem with this, but let me tell you that arriving early at the airport is key during the holidays. Arriving at least 2 hours before your flight will allow you to check in your bags, find your gate and even enjoy a cup of coffee before taking off. All airlines board 30-40 min before departure, if your flight says 7 am that means that at 7 your plane is taking off so arrive early to beat any setbacks.

3. Resist packing EVERYTHING

It’s not hard to say that many of us struggle with this one. Traveling light is not natural for many, but during the holidays, you’ll be happy you did. Taking with you what you really need will make your life easier when you go through TSA/security, and it’s less likely you get stuck due to baggage inspection.

4. Organize and thank yourself later

You know the rules, no liquids over 3.4oz are allowed, so forget your big shampoo, lotions, drinks, etc. This is actually helpful as you can pre-organize your amenities and bring them with you, as you save space in your luggage and have no trouble as you o through the airport security checkpoints. In case you bring snacks, medication, makeup, or toiletries, put them in a ziplock bag, it will make your inspection much easier! 

You can use this tip as a way also to be ecological. Read our previous blog on Eco-friendly traveling tips.

5. Bring the true essentials

As you can see, there are many tips for when you’re packing, so take note: think about the true essentials. Essencencials meaning: cash, sunscreen, swimsuit, tumbler, 

6. Overweight luggage!

If you are checking luggage, most airlines only allow about 50lbs/23kg or less. In case you need to, you can pay for being overweight. Our tip here would be to weigh your bags before entering the airport, in case you can rearrange your things and make it under the limit. Or in case you already know you’re traveling with extra weight in your luggage, sometimes it’s cheaper to pay it online as you book your flight. In the end, make sure that you are early enough to check the bag, or in case you need to do any last minutes change, remember to keep it cool and pay for what you need.

7. Up-to-date documentation

If you have an international flight make sure your passport is good at least for 90 days, All countries are different and each country has different expiration times, and this is something not many consider or think about at all. Some might be curious enough to check the expiration date on their passports right before flying, but why worry when you can double-check this information as you book your flight? Also, as the pandemic has come to an end, many countries still require 3 vaccines or a PCR test to allow access, this is information you must look out for with anticipation.

9. Get on the plane

If you are at the gate and your flight will start boarding, do not go to the bathroom last minute or go to the stores. That coffee will have to wait as you cannot risk missing boarding time! Many think it’s a slow process, and even though there are times it takes a long time to board, most boardings go by fast. 

Airplane sits

10. Time zone difference

One last tip today, if you’re traveling internationally you need to check the different time zones. This will affect the time of your arrival as you come and go from country to country. Consider this so you can organize your pick-up transportation or hotel check-in. Also, don’t worry about changing every clock you have. First, let your phone do its magic, phones and smart watches don’t need you to adjust them as they change automatically. 


Hope you find these 10 Traveling Tips for the holidays useful. Think of this as you come and go, and share it with people you know will travel this holiday. We wish you a safe travel and a great holiday!

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