The E-Gates Modality Will Now Be Implemented at Cancun Airport

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With the objective to implement a more secure airport, the general director of the Cancun Airport and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation have signed an agreement for the implementation of e-gates at the airport. With this new technology, passengers will be able to access their flights faster than with current procedures. At the same time, it strengthens security measures. To begin with, travelers will need to present their identification documents in a specific area of the airport and only then they can enter through security checkpoints. This is achieved by incorporating a biometric verification process such as fingerprints or facial recognition. Once this process is complete, travelers will receive an electronic ticket that will allow them to proceed directly to baggage check-in. Then board their flight after passing successfully through another series of e-gates.

What is an e-gate?

An e-gate is a way to control access to a certain area by remotely monitoring people passing through it. This system is usually a combination of an entry system, a turnstile, and a barrier that lets authorized people through while preventing unauthorized people from entering. The e-gates usually use RFID or biometric authentication methods to control who can enter the secured area.

Benefits for travelers

Thanks to an improved security mechanism and shorter waiting times, passengers will find that the airport experience is more efficient and pleasant. The implementation of e-gates at the Cancun International Airport will allow travelers to reduce the time spent at security checkpoints by up to 50%. It will also be easier for families to board their flights with children since there will no longer be a need to remove jackets, shoes, or belts. Moreover, passengers will be able to keep their laptops and handbags with them during the entire process. These benefits will be achieved thanks to an increase in the number of e-gates.

Three weeks ago, the Ministry of the Interior, through the Unit of Migratory Policy, Registration and Identity of Persons, informed that from January to May, the regular entry of national and foreign populations to Mexico by air, sea, and land was 15 million 283,361 persons.

According to the document Estadísticas Migratorias. Síntesis 2022, there was an increase of 108.5% in national and foreign arrivals during 2021; it also highlights that Quintana Roo was the state with the highest number of arrivals with 6 million 333,122 people, which represented 41.4% of the arrivals.

According to the report, air arrivals, according to the main points of entry during the first five months of this year, 4 million 149,770 passengers entered the destination of Cancun, which represented 38.9% of the total of the national territory.

Security Benefits

E-gates ensure a completely secure and controlled environment for passengers at the airport thanks to the new technology implemented for the authentication process. This consists of a facial recognition system or fingerprint identification, and it is backed up by a system that runs real-time risk analysis and threat detection. With this technology, it will be practically impossible for someone without proper identification and authorization to pass through the e-gates.

How will the implementation be?

The implementation of e-gates will be gradual. During the first phase, passengers will be required to undergo the current boarding process. During the second phase, which will take place after 30 days, passengers will have the option of choosing between the current boarding process and e-gates. The third and final phase will see all passengers being required to use e-gates.



Overall, the implementation of e-gates at Cancun Airport will provide a more secure environment for traveling passengers. These new boarding systems will allow passengers to go through the airport faster because they will not have to remove their shoes and jackets. Moreover, they will not have to wait in long lines at security checkpoints since only a fraction of passengers will be required to go through these. The implementation of e-gates will make air travel safer for passengers and easier for airline personnel since it will reduce the risk of threats or attacks. With the implementation of these new systems, passengers will be able to enjoy a more comfortable experience at the airport. It will also reduce the number of complaints and improve the image of the Mexican airport.

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