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La Cantina No. 20

Located on the water in the swanky new Marina Town Center mall in Puerto Cancun, this beautiful cantina delights the senses with a modern twist on traditional Mexican cocktails, cuisine and fun, in a contemporary, upscale atmosphere. They often show the big game on their huge screen and feature live music, including Mariachis. Don't miss "toques toques", an odd but popular bar pastime which originated in Mexico City. A group of people hold hands and the two people at each end grab a metal tube which is attached to an electrical machine. The tubes provide a mild electroshock passing through everyone in the group.

Type of Food


Mexican and contemporary Food
Mexican cocktails




Price Range


From Cheap to Expensive



Marina Town Center
Cancun Downtown

Cancun has an exquisite gastronomy, discover all the flavors in the most famous city of the Mexican Caribbean , let yourself be impressed by the Mexican food in a Paradise like Cancun. Check below the full list of Restaurants around Cancun Downtown