Confusion at Cancun Airport T3: Sign hits floor and scares airport users

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Moments of confusion arose today at Terminal 3 of the Cancun International Airport when a noise scared users causing a human stampede.

Through his Twitter account, the police chief of the State of Quintana Roo reported that the loud noise was caused by the impact of one or more 50kg totem-styled standing signs when hitting the ground after being accidentally pushed by a tourist.

In Social Media, users posted images of what happened. In some videos, it can be appreciated how tourists, with no information about what was really happening, flee in search of shelter with the idea that the noise had been caused by guns.

Security elements including Municipal and State Police, the National Guard, and the Military conducted surveillance in the terminal in search of the origin of the noise. A baggage machine damage, which could have added confusion, was also reported.

Given the lack of shells casings and footage prooving the guns version, authorities concluded that it was a false alarm, and operations are resumed at the terminal.

ASUR, the organization responsible for Cancun Airport management, released an official notification confirming the signed version.

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