Cancun Airport announces closure of Terminals

Spring break in Cancun used to be one of the busiest seasons in Cancun. Beaches are full of people, from families to teenagers enjoying the party. Also, the local people go out to have a nice day with their family. Especially on weekends, the Hotel zone gets full of locals and tourists. The atmosphere used to be very nice, with people being polite, nice and welcoming with a smile. But today is different due to the COVID-19, almost all the Hotels have closed and many businesses are empty as are the streets and nightclubs. The Cancun Airport is not the exception, many stores are close now, the line to check-in is empty and the restaurants do not have diners. So that is why the Cancun Airport announces closure of Terminals

cancun airport announces closure of terminals
The closure of terminals

Cancun International Airport managing company Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASUR) says that flights have decreased by 80 percent. Due to this, the  Cancun Airport announces closure of Terminals they temporarily shut down another terminal.

The airport was operating only at terminal 2 but ASUR says that as of April 11, Terminal 2 of the Cancun Airport will be shut down. The flights will be diverted to terminal 4.

In a statement, the managing company says that since airport services are considered an essential service. ASUR will maintain the operation of its airports in accordance with the guidelines issued by authorities, both in terms of public health and security infrastructure.

The company says the objective is to decrease the number of people who serve users, aircraft and passengers. The airport wants to help the community to comply with social isolation and healthy distance, both keys to mitigating the effects of this pandemic.

ASUR says that as of today, the Cancun airport continues to operate normally, serving aircraft and passengers. They explain that there are no indications of the possibility of it closing its facilities either in Cancun or Cozumel.

In the statement, ASUR reiterated that all the airports it operates will continue to operate normally. Flights and passengers will continue to be assisted in coordination with the federal, state and municipal governments of the municipalities.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste reported on Thursday some important information. ASUR says that they attended to 86 scheduled operations including 41 arrivals, 33 national and 8 international, and 45 departures.

Cancun Airport announces closure of Terminals
Cancun International Airport Empty due the COVID-19


Source: Riviera Maya News

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