What to know before you go to Cancun

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What to know before you go to Cancun.

What to know before you go to Cancun

There are a couple of things you need to know before you get to Cancun, some are just so you have a better time and some are a must. So let’s discover what this is all about. At Cancun International Airport we want to give you some advices:

  • Bring some change either in dollars or in pesos, for payments you may do at the airport or for tipping.
  • Book a Private Cancun Airport Transportation. Sometimes it can be a kind of  a hassle to get thru all the guys at the airport, so booking this ahead can give you a nice time.
  • Learn some Spanish. This is not a must since everybody speaks English in Cancun, but it would be really nice for locals to hear you trying to speak english, that says a lot about a person.
  • Use sunscreen. Either you bring with you or buy it once in Cancun, but don’t forget to use it, this is a must, even when there are clouds out there.
  • What to wear. Well, it’s Cancun, you have beach and more beach, so you could wear only your bathing suit. But you could probably bring some linen pants to go shopping or have dinner at a nice restaurant.
  • Drinking age. In Cancun and all of Mexico, the allowed drinking age is 18, so any American will be happy to come when he is 18 and start drinking.
  • Go Snorkeling. At least once. Cancun and the surrounding area is known for its marine and water life, so this is something you have to do. You could check out the Cancun Tours page for this of the specific Cancun Snorkeling page.
  • Go Partying. Yes, Cancun is all about vacationing and partying is one of the must on a vacation. Cancun has lots of really nice nightclubs in the Hotel zone strip that you should visit, you can visit the Cancun Nightlife page.
  • Drink lots of Water. Be sure you keep yourself hydrated (Not only with beer) because you’ll be in the sun and going around for sure, so always have a bottle of water with you.
  • If you are staying in downtown Cancun or the Cancun Hotel Zone you must use the bus. Is not that it is the latest in tech or anything, however it has a really good service and runs very smoothly and  it is really cheap.
  • Try Tequila or Mezcal even better. These two drinks are typical drinks made in Mexico, Tequila you’ve heard of it for sure and Mezcal is a trendy liqueur made from the same plant as the tequila but with a different taste.
  • Try Real Mexican food. Even at the hotels they’ll have real mexican food so try some of the delicious plates of Mexico, or what is the case of coming down and eating only italian?
  • Go have dinner or lunch at a local restaurant. Even though you might come to a Cancun All Inclusive Resort you would like to try some of the local Mexican and Non Mexican restaurants in downtown Cancun or Playa del Carmen, these restaurants are really good and quite an experience. You can look at the different restaurants at: Cancun Restaurants.
  • Go shopping. Cancun has lots of really nice malls for shopping, depending on what you want to buy, there are different malls for everyone.


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