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Cancun International Airport offers all that a passenger needs on a trip. You can learn more about the Cancun Airport services below.

Free Wheelchair Service

Wheelchair Cancun Airport services



One of the amenities that Cancun Airport offers is a free wheelchair service.

It is available for all the passengers that require this service. Ask for a wheelchair with Cancun Airport Staff or with your airline.

Free Shuttle Between Terminals

Free shuttle between terminal




Some of the most frequently asked questions are about Cancun Airport Transportation. This service is especially for all those who need to get to another different terminal.

This free shuttle is available every 30 minutes. It’s really easy to use it, you will find this bus stop outside of each terminal.

Cancun Airport has 4 terminals and receives many flights daily with connection. That is why the airport offers this amenity for all the passengers.

Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange - Cancun Airport




At Cancun Airport facilities there is a currency exchange for you can make exchange from USD to MXN. Doing this will facilitate your stay in Mexico during your vacation, as many locals and stores accept pesos only.


Cancun Airpor ATM




Cancun Airport has an ATM service in every terminal. Do not worry about your money you will be able to get your cash when you arrive. You will find ATMs in every terminal at Cancun Airport.


Guacamole Grill - Cancun Airport Restaurants




If you’re hungry while waiting for your flight, Cancun Airport Restaurants offer all kinds of dishes from fast food like hamburgers to Japanese, Mexican, and Italian food.


Parking - Cancun Airport




For the people who need to park their vehicles for a few minutes, out of Cancun Airport there are parking exclusive for the people who take their families to the airport.

Taxi Service

Taxi Service - Cancun Airport




Outside Cancun International Airport, there are rows of taxis available to take you to the center. The cost of this service may be somewhat high, but it’s an option if you haven’t booked private transportation in advance.

Car Rental

Car Rentals - Cancun Airport



Many companies offer car rentals for the comfort and mobility of visitors who land at Cancun Airport, where you’ll find important companies such as Hertz, Thrifty, Avis, and more. With these companies, you’ll find a wide range of vehicles and options to suit any budget. 

In most cases, cancellations can be made up to 48 hours in advance without any cost.