New Dubai-Mexico Flight Route will benefit Cancun Aiport


Many travelers from Dubai want to visit Mexico. This destination has great biodiversity and most people come to Mexico to see all the richness that we have. Cancun and Riviera Maya are in the top list of travelers. This information might be important for you if you live in Dubai.


The flight Dubai-Barcelona-Mexico as of now has the licenses to arrive at the global air terminal in the nation’s capital. And is sitting tight for an association with Cancun International Airport to be opened when the flight is working.

Accounted for by Dario Flota Ocampo, chief of the Tourism Promotion Council of Quintana Roo (CPTQ). Who added that the association with Mexico City will in a roundabout way advantage the Mexican Caribbean, as bundles will be offered that incorporate the visit of Cancun and the Riviera Maya to travelers on these flights.

The flight will be worked by Emirates Airlines. Which as of now has the grants to work seven days per week. Yet at the same time needs to adjust the issue of timetables, as it is allocated landings in daybreak. They are sure that now they can conclude the trip before the year’s end, clarified Flota Ocampo.

Because of the high caliber of administrations offered in the city of Cancun. Which is set up for an enormous lodging inhabitance, additionally has proficient transportation frameworks, albeit most are private, for example, Cancun Airport Transportation and different organizations. That makes it a goal more than arranged to get huge convergence. Including have other Transportation services as Cancun Car Rental.

The holder of the CPTQ reviewed that in 2018 was weakened the chance to build up a flight Dubai-Barcelona-Mexico City. After the air terminal in the nation’s capital couldn’t offer the carrier enough space to work seven days every week.

Fleta Ocampo reviewed that even from the CPTQ were bolstered exchanges to tie up the Emirates Airline flight, and even propelled a limited time battle that contributed $20,000 dollars to contact the most significant “influencers” of that nation, which would be paid an acclimation trip to Mexico City and the Mexican Caribbean, as there was and keeps on keeping up an extraordinary desire that Cancun and Riviera Maya catch the enthusiasm of this market.

Since the flight is as of now affirmed, given that it as of now has the licenses and openings to arrive in Mexico City, Flota Ocampo said it opens an incredible chance to pull in explorers of the most elevated buying capacity to Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

The carrier works with Boeing 777 and AirBus 380. The biggest business airplane on the planet, which would mean with the seven affirmed frequencies a rough 8,000 week by week travelers, he said.


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