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Cancun Airport to Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun

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Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun.

The Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun is located pretty close to the Cancun Airport and is perfect for people in business travel or those who need to spend one extra night before leaving Cancun.

With more than 700 Fairfield hotels around the world, the friendly and efficient employees are at your disposal to help you keep up. Fairfield helps you develop your potential, whatever it may be.

Work productively

At Fairfield, they know that maintaining productivity is a must. Therefore, they offer versatile and comfortable work areas, as well as free WiFi connection, so you never lose your rhythm.

How far is Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun from the Cancun Airport?

Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun is 23 Km from the Cancun Airport.

How long does it take to get to Fairfield Inn & Suites Cancun from the Cancun Airport?

If you take a Private Cancun Airport Transportation this can be about 25 minutes.

When traveling to Cancun you need to go thru the Cancun Airport which is about 25 minutes from the the hotels in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Cancun Hotel Zone is a great destination for Luxury Travel and its visited with people from all around the world. There are a lot of different nightclubs in the place known "party center" and it is a perfect place for the nightlife.

Cancun Airport Transportation Booking

When going to Cancun Hotel Zone from the Cancun Airport, the best way to get there is with a Private Transportation booked prior to Arrival. Cancun Airport Transportation to Cancun Hotel Zone can be provided in different features:

Cancun Airport Private Transportation. Transportation provided with vans directly from the Cancun Airport to Cancun Hotel Zone, door to door, there are no stops (unless you desire).

Cancun Airport Luxury Transportation. Transportation provided with Luxury SUV's directly from the Cancun Airport to Cancun Hotel Zone to your Hotel or Condo. The SUV's can be Suburban, Expedition, or similar.

Cancun Airport Group Transportation. Transportation provided with big vans that can take up to 16 people with luggage directly from the Cancun Airport to Cancun Hotel Zone. Transportation is provided with Volkswagen Crafters or Mercedes Sprinters.


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