Hotel Las Palmas

Book your private transportation from Cancun Airport to Isla Mujeres:

Cancun Airport Private Transportation to Isla Mujeres

Hotel Las Palmas.

The Hotel Las Palmas is your home away from home on this tropical island paradise, Isla Mujeres, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. We are located in the heart of the city center. The beautiful Caribbean turquoise and dusty sand beach on North Beach are one block away (5-minute walk). Right around the corner is Hidalgo Avenue, filled with everyone's cuisine, live music, and friendly people and tourists alike. We are directly across the municipal market with four "loncheria" eating stalls, tasty housing, inexpensive breakfast lunch meals as well as freshly squeezed juices.

How far is Hotel Las Palmas Isla Mujeres from the Cancun Airport?

Hotel Las Palmas Isla Mujeres is 35 Km from the Cancun Airport.

How long does it take to get to Hotel Las Palmas Isla Mujeres from the Cancun Airport?

If you take a Private Cancun Airport Transportation this can be about 1:00 hr.

When traveling to Isla Mujeres you need to go thru the Cancun Airport which is about 1:00 hr from the Island of Isla Mujeres, one of the most beautiful Islands in the Mexican Caribbean.

Isla Mujeres is a perfect place for relaxation but also for fun and for exploring the Caribbean, it is just in front of Cancun and ahs perfect Ocean views from any point of the island.

Cancun Airport Transportation Booking

When going to Isla Mujeres from the Cancun Airport, the best way to get there is with a Private Transportation booked prior to Arrival. You also have to know that you need to take the Isla Mujeres Ferry to get to the Island. Cancun Airport Transportation to Isla Mujeres can be provided in different features:

Cancun Airport Private Transportation. Transportation provided with vans directly from the Cancun Airport to Isla Mujeres Ferry, door to door, there are no stops (unless you desire).

Cancun Airport Luxury Transportation. Transportation provided with Luxury SUV's directly from the Cancun Airport to Isla Mujeres Ferry. The SUV's can be Suburban, Expedition, or similar.

Cancun Airport Group Transportation. Transportation provided with big vans that can take up to 16 people with luggage directly from the Cancun Airport to Isla Mujeres Ferry. Transportation is provided with Volkswagen Crafters or Mercedes Sprinters.


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