Cancun Airport to Cancun Downtown

Are you coming down to the Cancun International Airport and you are wondering How to get from the Cancun Airport to Cancun Downtown?

Wonder no more, here we’ll tell you the different ways you can get to Cancun Downtown from the Cancun Airport.

Visit the main page of the: Cancun Airport.

Like we have said in the Cancun Airport Transportation page it’s always better to book your Airport Transportation prior to arrival, why? what is wrong with the taxis at the airport? Nothing is wrong, taxis at the airport are totally fine, however they are more expensive than those you would get by reserving ahead on time. You can check the Taxis at the Airport page for more information on them.

To get from the Cancun Airport to Cancun Downtown you can make a reservation of a Private Cancun Airport Transportation.

This transportation is perfect when you want everything to be easy and smooth and also less expensive than the regular taxis at the Cancun Airport. The private airport transportation is really easy to book online and you can pay thru different methods like credit or debit cards, PayPal or cash.

This private transportation is great and you can actually chose among different services, services provided are:

Private Transportation to Cancun Downtown.

Provided with a van with different prices from 1 to 3 people, 4 to 6 people and 7 to 9 people. This is perfect for parties starting at 2 people.

You can book the private transportation here.

Group Transportation to Cancun Downtown.

For groups of 10 to 16 people, the van provided is bigger than the regular ones and you can all ride together.

You can book the Group transportation here.

Luxury Transportation to Cancun Downtown.

Provided in Vehicles like Suburbans or similar and with a great service, ride like a King and enjoy Luxury from your arrival at the Cancun Airport.

You can book the Luxury Transportation here.

Limo Transportation service to Cancun Downtown.

With a couple of limo choices you can take up to 11 or 14 people depending on the Limo. This service must me booked with time since there are not many vehicles of this type.

You can book the Limo Transportation here.

Handicap Transportation to Cancun Downtown.

This is also available for booking in the case you need the service. Vehicles have a ramp for the wheelchair or scooter and the vehicle can take one person in a wheelchair and 5 additional people or 2 people in a wheelchair and 3 additional people.

You can book the Handicap Transportation here.


One really good thing about this service is that it will take you all the way to the door of your hotel, condo or house in Cancun Downtown.

Transportation time from the Cancun Airport to Cancun Downtown may vary depending on traffic conditions and where exactly your hotel or vacation rental is located, so timing can be between 15 minutes to 25 minutes.

If you want to book any of these Private Airport Transportation services to go to Cancun Downtown just click the  image below:

Cancun Airport Transportation reservation


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